Make Your Interior Stand Out With Aluminum

Make Your Interior Stand Out With Aluminum

Thanks to the rise of Aluminum’s popularity, we are seeing a changing image of modern cities and towns. Clear lines, sharp finishes, and a feverish desire to build higher. Megalopolises these days are beautiful, functional, and environmental-friendly, all built on the foundation of the humble Aluminum. From the glass frames of office skyscrapers, to cooking wares in a home’s kitchen, are all supported by the light weight and sturdiness of Aluminum. Not only that, even dynamic environments, such as stadiums, pools, and sport facilities, are also built using Aluminum structures.

Aluminum has helped bring a new rise to modern high-tech interiors. When perfectly combined with glass, aluminum makes our living and working places feel more spacious, both at home and in the office. In addition, aluminum is known as a metal that is significantly lighter in weight than many other common metals, such as steel, copper, etc. having a higher smoothness and lower bulkiness.

In this article, we learn about the use of aluminum in interior design. This metal has become one of the most popular materials among builders, architects and designers. And today we will find out why.

Aluminum is used to create furniture, shutters, picture frames, lamps, decorative wall panels, air conditioners, and fireplaces. Designers use aluminum because it allows them to choose their own shape, for their own creativity. Aluminum is also easy to work with, and can fulfill a variety of aesthetic needs.

Aluminum furniture quickly becomes a classic interior feature. A noticeable example of this is the Norman Foster chair, which was designed by one of the founders, who is also a teacher in the high-tech interior design industry. This is a widely-known unique work. It is an icon in this particular style.

Another famous designer, Philippe Starck, created a variety of interior details in aluminum. He loves aluminum’s ability to be 100% recyclable. One of aluminum’s unique characteristics is that it allows it to create “infinite” interior elements.

The Starck chair is an exquisite piece of furniture, considered a work of art. The use of aluminum in interior design today is considered very fashionable. When it comes to garden furniture, aluminum is also the market leader; folding chairs and benches, garden oscillating tables, street cafe portable folding chairs, aluminum shelves, etc. are all light and compact. Aluminum’s light weight and practicality make it well-suited for exterior finishes. One of the leading companies in this sector is the Spanish company Indecasa.

Mirrors always contain aluminum, regardless of the mirror’s shape, size and style, as the reflective layer that converts the glass into a mirror is made of aluminum. Aluminum is the only metal used for this purpose, because it has a high reflectivity. Aluminum can be used to make mirrors with special reflective properties that can reflect visible ultraviolet and infrared rays. On the other hand, other metals like copper only reflect light in the ultraviolet and infrared range, while gold only reflects in the infrared range.

Aluminum and Interior Design

Aluminum is also used to create details in interior and artistic design. Sculpting aluminum is a very difficult and skillful job because its melting point is much lower than copper. Aluminum should be cast in an inert environment, i.e., in a room filled with argon, nitrogen and carbon dioxide. For this reason, the early aluminum statues were small in size. In the late 19th century, these aluminum statues were mainly used as table decorations. However, in the second half of the 20th century, aluminum statues were developed up to several meters tall. One of the world’s famous sculptors using aluminum is Vadim Sidor. During the 1960s, he created a series of unique sculptures. One of his most famous works is the Statue of Relationships, a monument to people who have fallen victim to violence.

Today, aluminum is the main material used by family artisans, as it allows them to build lightweight, yet very sturdy structures. Aluminum can be easily decorated to create a beautiful surface effect, using gilded cast iron or copper finishes.

Aluminum is an ideal material for sliding doors (both monorail and windshield), smart wall screen systems, traditional window frames at music academies, and a wide variety of front and rear doors.

Make Your Interior Stand Out With Aluminum

Why aluminum can make your home look better

These days, it will be difficult to find a stove that is not made from aluminum. Aluminum is not only used in kitchen utensils, but also in modern utensils, from saucepans, pans, to meat grinders, and baking molds. Aluminum utensils are easy to wash and have high thermal conductivity, allowing heat to be transferred evenly throughout the body. Bodies made of aluminum are anti-scratching and anti-dripping, and are corrosion resistant. Above all else, aluminum brings all the design advantages it presents in other fields.

Aluminum’s high thermal conductivity is about 2.5 times higher than that of steel, allowing aluminum pans to absorb only 7% of the heat it receives and emit the rest out to cook food faster. Manganese aluminum alloy is used to make thick utensils such as frying pans, baked goods, and large cookware. Professional chefs prefer aluminum utensils because of these qualities.

Aluminum utensils are made cheaper by using extrusion rather than casting. To ensure the safety and longevity of these items, the manufacturers will finish items using non-stick surface coatings. In the past, you had to use a wooden or teflon spoon to cook on these frying pans to avoid scratching the paint. However, today’s manufacturers have researched and invented ways to make the paint so durable that even steel knives can’t damage them. Aluminum is also used in the manufacture of steel kitchen utensils as a heat conductor that helps heat up pans. This technique is called Tri-Ply. This is basically a layered design. With this method, we place thick heat-accumulating aluminum between two stainless steel sheets, indicating that aluminum is an important ingredient in non-aluminum kitchen products.

Aluminum is the “go-to” choice in eco-friendly interior design

Aluminum has become a “go-to” material when it comes to green (eco-friendly) design. Aluminum is not only cheaper than other materials, (such as steel) but it is also one of the most sustainable and energy-efficient building materials available today. Above all, aluminum gives the furniture a sleek, modern appearance. Thanks to that, aluminum is exceptional for almost every design from doors, cabinets, phones, to computers.

Versatile and Sustainable

Aluminum is the third most abundant element on Earth, and one of the most versatile metals available because of its lightness, strength, corrosion resistance, and durability. Best of all, aluminum can theoretically be 100% recyclable, without losing its natural properties. The recycling of scrap aluminum only takes 5% of the energy required to produce new aluminum, making aluminum highly energy efficient and sustainable. In fact, the recycled content of aluminum building materials is currently between 50 and 85%. Furthermore, the use of aluminum will certainly grow further in the future. The use of aluminum is expected to increase 6.31% annually until 2030. Consequently, its high recyclability makes aluminum a future-proof material.

Changing the Face of Home Design

You just need to open any high-end interior design magazine and you will realize that the use of aluminum is a trend in the home and office. Aluminum gives furniture a modern, sophisticated look that remains environmentally friendly. Aluminum can be used for tables, chairs, accessories, decorative wall panels, and cabinets. Because of its ductility and versatility, aluminum gives designers the flexibility and freedom to choose shapes for their creations while maintaining aesthetics. In addition, aluminum significantly reduces the weight of interior design elements and gives them a sleeker look. World-famous designers, such as Philippe Starck, also believe that the 100% recyclability of aluminum is a significant plus. Aluminum is highly recyclable and eco-friendly at an economical price.

The combination of beauty, strength and sustainability has made aluminum a favorite material for many furniture manufacturers. From the aluminum-framed cabinet doors and the aluminum-framed base system, they’re specially designed to be sleek without visible functional hardware.

For all these reasons, aluminum will truly make your interior stand out.