Aluminum In Interior Design Why You Should Use It

Are you struggling to find the right material for the furniture in your house? Think of the door frames made of pure aluminum, or the table, or the shoe racks. Why are aluminum so widely used in interior design?

When it comes to aluminum alloy, people will immediately think of a material with high durability, reliably flexibility, but comes with remarkable cost-efficiency. Aluminum furniture products have many advantages, and are convenient for our everyday lives. In this article, let’s take a look to better understand the application of aluminum in interior design!

Aluminum’s Properties


Aluminum is one of the best anti-rust and anti-corrosion materials. As a material with a strong structure, aluminum is recommended as a substitute for wood. In order to avoid the effects of corrosion, rotting, termites, etc. Thanks to its characteristics, aluminum furniture is rated by architects as one of the most durable materials against the effects of weather.

Doors made by aluminum, aside from durability, are also effective sound insulation, helping to improve your living space in the most optimal way.


Aluminum is quite cheap compared to other materials such as wood, stainless steel, etc. It will save you some money if you choose to by aluminum furniture.

Besides, the cost of installation and maintenance of aluminum items is way cheaper than other materials, which will be extremely beneficial in the long run.

Easy to clean

Furniture made of aluminum do not rust, or suffer from discoloration. Therefore, you will save time and cost of regular maintenance. If you are really adamant, you only need to periodically check two times per year to ensure the safety of your furniture.

Furniture that are made of pure aluminum have easy-to-clean surfaces. You can use a towel and glass spray to remove dust from the items. If you clean the aluminum items properly, your home will still look brand-new despite the test of time.

High Aesthetics

Aluminum is a soft metal material that can be easily bent and shaped, suitable for making furniture for all types of indoor locations, helping you to easily create a set of furniture that have the same eye-pleasing aesthetics as you like.

If you think that aluminum makes your interior “dry”, worry not! With a variety of colors, designs, and styles, you can freely choose the furniture sets that speak to you.


Aluminum frames, combined with high-quality natural rubber gasket systems, optimize the insulation between the indoors and the outdoors. For hot weather, using aluminum furniture can free you from worrying about the heat from outside penetrating.

Fire protection

One of the most interesting studies in the interior design industry is fire protection. Scientists evaluate that the aluminum frame is more heat-resistant than other materials. When a fire occurs, the aluminum door will not cause a fire spread.


According to studies around the world, aluminum is a completely recyclable metal at the end of its lifespan. Over the past 30 years, 75% of aluminum worldwide has been recycled, and used many times, in many fields.

aluminum in interior design

The Application of Aluminum in Interior Design

Aluminum is the most common metal in the earth’s crust, its density is only a third of iron or copper. Aluminum is very soft, malleable, and simple to handle. It is corrosion-resistant and durable, due to the protective oxide layer. Aluminum is also non-magnetic and does not melt in the normal environment. Structural components made from aluminum or aluminum alloys are actually highly useful in the aerospace industry, as well as in sectors, such as transportation and construction materials.

As a result, aluminum can be taken advantage of in household products, high-end kitchen appliances, and furniture. With its preeminent properties, aluminum is increasingly being used more in modern architecture. Aluminum is very light, when exposed to the outside air, it will oxidize and form a film (also known as aluminum oxide). This film itself will create a coating adhesive to the surfaces, inadvertently forming a very good protective shell for aluminum.

Because of such unique characteristics, aluminum is used a lot in architecture, as well as interior and exterior designs for houses. Usually, using only aluminum can create architectural independent decorative pieces. However, when combined with other materials such as glass, it will create products that can fit in any types of homes.

The Perfect Combination between Aluminum and Glass

It is possible that, due to the same physical properties and the same thermal expansion rates, aluminum and glass are used to create a high aestheticism. Combinations of these two materials are commonly found on many items in interior and exterior designs. In terms of the aesthetics of the feng-shui factor, aluminum and glass are two compatible sides, since aluminum represents metal, and glass represents earth (two compatible elements). When combined, we can have a harmonious feeling, in terms of the aesthetic elements, and feng shui.

In addition, aluminum can be combined with wood. Combining wood with aluminum coating helps to increase the durability of the products. If there is no aluminum outside, the lifespan of wood products can be significantly shorter.

The classification of aluminum can be divided into two categories: aluminum bars and aluminum plates. In each building, they are classified according to whether they are used for interior or exterior outfitting. Depending on the requirements of the project, people can manufacture them to suit the design, color, as well as durability, to serve specific functions in the future.

In Designing Furniture, especially Cabinets, Aluminum In Interior Design can increase Longevity of your Household Appliances

Modern buildings today often clad aluminum outside, to enhance the beauty of the buildings. Because of its diverse properties, it is possible to mix colors and create dynamic shapes, based on your liking, with aluminum. The application of aluminum in architecture is extremely rich and diverse.

Aluminum bars are widely applied in interior decorations. Such as cabinets, shelves, decorative plates or bars are used to create patches of shades to shield the incoming sunlight from reaching into the house. Aluminum is even sometimes used as roofing. Aluminum, combined with glass, will create a modern look for the architecture of high-rise buildings and luxury apartments. Aluminum creates an aesthetic effect within the house, when combined with good lighting and the floor vents, can generally create an open atmosphere inside the house.

To outfit a living space in your home to perfection, aluminum also contributes significantly to creating neat and tidy layouts to avoid disturbing feng-shui arrangements. In modern offices, aluminum is used as a framework system and lightweight partitions to create a dynamic and youthful working atmosphere in workplaces.

The factors that damage aluminum structures can be divided into two categories: physical and chemical. Physical agents are collisions and external forces. Chemical agents are substances such as acids and corrosive substances. Safety level consists mainly of two factors: the bearing capacity and the sharpness of the shielding materials.

Aluminum’s Safety

The safety level of aluminum products consists mainly of two factors: the bearing capacity and the sharpness of the shielding materials. For example, a safety corridor in a building must be calculated so that the bearing capacity must be ensured (not too thin), but also enough to meet the architectural needs of the building (not too heavy). However, thanks to the workability of aluminum, artisans can fine-tune the shapes of the products to ensure safety for home users, such as processing and finishing the edges of tables so that they can become smooth and comfortable.

Pure aluminum has low tensile strength, but when heat-engineered with several elements produces alloys, they will gain significantly increased mechanical properties. In both quantities and values, the use of aluminum outperforms all other metals (except iron) and plays an important role in creating beautiful homes without breaking your bank.

With a mission to bring premium aluminum products to modern life, we always uphold the quality of products, ensuring perfect quality for your living space. And thus, we love using aluminum, a versatile and reliable material in the interior design of your home.