Why Is Aluminum Better Than Other Materials

Why is Aluminum better than other materials? Aluminum is the most commonly used metal in construction (the second place belongs to steel). Aluminum is used for a variety of fields in the construction industry. There are many types of materials available that are suitable for application in construction, and when architects design a project, there are many options to consider. However, Aluminum has become popular since the early 20th century, in the construction and interior industries, when it was widely used for decorative and architectural details.

There are so many choices in materials to use for furniture in a home. But Why is Aluminum better than other materials? First of all, aluminum is a metal with excellent mechanical properties, which has revolutionized many fields of technology. Although it is much lighter than other metals, it has a very high degree of mechanical strength. As a result, it is actually widely used in the aerospace industry, which is an extremely demanding field. In addition, it is highly resistant to corrosion, and has almost zero maintenance costs.

Furthermore, aluminum is the third most abundant element in the Earth’s crust. It is a “green” material that can be recycled forever, preserving all of its properties without losing any of its qualities. The energy required to recycle it is only 5% of the energy consumed in primary production, making it one of the greenest materials to apply in interior design.

Modern architecture has been transformed over the years due to the industrialization of many materials, metals, and construction techniques. In response to these quality-rich new materials, traditional architecture with intricate details is no longer common, paving the way for sleek and minimalist architectural designs.

The most common materials in architecture are concrete, brick, steel, glass, aluminum, stone, and wood. One of the most important choices when architects choose the materials to use is the emotion viewers perceive when observing their design in physical form. Aluminum stands as an interesting case, as it rivals stainless steel in many ways, and is better than it in others. But the comparison of these two materials is a story for another time, for now, let’s find out why Aluminum, a relatively young material compared to good-old wood and brick, is gaining so much appeal in interior design.

The main advantages of using aluminum for indoors furniture

Why is Aluminum better than other materials for indoors furniture? Aluminum is a non-ferrous metal (which is also known as an iron-free metal) and is widely available once extracted. Architects, interior developers, and principal contractors choose aluminum for a lot of construction projects because they know exactly what they can achieve with this versatile material. It possesses the outstanding strength and durability required to meet modern standards in sophisticated, contemporary architecture.

There are many advantages of using aluminum in construction, which are conducive to renovating an old home, as well as construction an entirely new one. There are countless advantages to using aluminum in modern architecture and interior design. Why should you choose aluminum-made furniture, and not other materials? Let’s take a look at the following main advantages:

stack of aluminum

Mechanical properties

The aluminum frame is a solution that will give you very sturdy doors, windows, wardrobes, cabinets, etc. and thus increase safety and long-term durability. In the case of high temperature fluctuations, they do not warp for long periods of time, a very important practice in areas with a lot of sun and high temperatures during summer. Aluminum can be machined with high precision and maximum tightness against the impact of the external environment. In addition, the ruggedness of the aluminum frame helps maximize natural light and will not warp light like other materials. In the event of a fire, aluminum windows and doors help prevent heat from spreading. Aluminum, in contrast to other materials, absorbs and removes a large portion of the heat generated by fires. When aluminum is molten, at 660oC, it slows the rate of fire, without creating flammable or toxic gas.

Unlike steel, aluminum is a lightweight material that makes it easy to fabricate and construct. A strength-to-weight ratio unlike any other makes aluminum a popular choice, especially for the creation of sophisticated custom furniture items.

Why choose aluminum? Aluminum is a malleable metal. Whatever you want in your home, it can form many shapes and configurations.

Aluminum is often used for cladding, as it can be produced in large sizes and therefore requires fewer joints and makes the installation very time-saving – which is always welcome in the construction industry.

Protective capability

Aluminum door frames and windows provide a very high level of security due to their durable and sturdy construction, preventing intruders. Since they are so versatile, they can function effectively with a large number of mechanisms and accessories, further enhancing your security.

Design diversity

The space where we live is a very important place, as we spend more than 50% of our time indoors on average. Furniture in a home is a fundamental part of the overall function and offers aesthetic value, shaping the interior and the exterior. Aluminum furniture and door/window frames offer a myriad of design options, both in style and size (e.g., a minimal design with a very thin profile, or angular style, or multi-door style), as well as a surface treatment, with a color palette and texture available to satisfy every need and desire. No other material can offer much design flexibility without limits. Finally, the aluminum system is not limited to furniture, windows, or doors. Great buildings have been constructed entirely using this powerful metal, and aluminum glass is actually a thing!

Aluminum comes in many colors. Aluminum can be finished in a number of techniques including Polyester Powder Coating (PPC) which comes with a variety of RAL color options. For renovation projects, this finishing approach is beneficial as the RAL palettes often provide colors that match the existing framework to create a cohesive finish to the architectural design.

Excellent sound and heat insulation

Do you want some peace and quiet, but also peace of mind that you will be safe from the summer heat? Aluminum is one of the best materials for heat and sound insulation. Aluminum has an outstanding insulation coefficient and can insulate against heat and cold, providing impressive energy efficiency. Furnishing your home with aluminum furniture items will surely save you a lot on air-conditioning bill. The insulation properties of this metal are also the perfect companion for acoustical glass to create aluminum-framed soundproof windows that help reduce noise in urban buildings.

Advances in technology and research have led to the creation of aluminum frames with very high thermal insulation. An aluminum frame reinforced with special insulating polyamide can provide a high degree of insulation, suitable for buildings with zero or near-zero energy consumption. Insulated aluminum windows and furniture will protect your home from unwanted heat from the outside environment, both in winter and summer. Furthermore, thanks to the use of advanced gaskets, even the cold northern winds won’t turn your home into an arctic cave in winter months. Finally, aluminum’s high reflectivity against solar radiation and reduces the heat absorbed by the items during periods of intense sunlight, contributing to maintaining a cool indoor temperature during summer.

Sound insulation is also one of the main characteristics that should be taken into account when designing your home and choosing furniture, doors, and windows, especially for houses located in high-noise urban environments. The high-quality elastomeric materials used in aluminum windows and doors help seal your home like a professional recording studio, providing a very high level of sound insulation.

Long service life, requiring less maintenance

Want to buy furniture that can stand the test of time without stressing out over wear-and-tear? Aluminum has a long service life and requires little maintenance. The aluminum components prevent UV damage, moisture, and the metal won’t rust under extreme weather conditions. This impressive durability means it can be finished without regular maintenance, unlike wood.

Aluminum is an excellent material for architectural applications as it is eco-friendly. It’s a completely recyclable, easily renewable metal to reduce the amount of waste generated from your home-decoration projects.

In summary, aluminum sounds like a magical metal, powerful yet versatile, durable yet light-weight. It is the perfect choice for you whenever you want to find new furniture to decorate or renovate your living space.